Real estate management for individual agents as well as larger businesses


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Dotloop is a software that connects real estate agents, brokers, teams, sellers and buyers and helps them manage deals and complete transactions in a simplified, convenient and accessible manner.

How it works

Dotloop provides agents the opportunity to complete paperless transactions which are neater and save a lot of time since meet ups become fewer. Dotloop is available on IOS, android or on a desktop which makes it highly accessible by all involved parties. They offer coaching which is helpful to new users.

The premium version of Dotloop allows you to create unlimited transactions, document templates, phone, email and chart support, and streamline all documents in one system, thus eliminating the need to download and upload documents across different systems. It also allows you to use safe and official digital signatures, perform textual transactions and a tracking of these conversations, and create an audit trail that records a history of signed documents, sent emails, and added people, which enables you to work anywhere.

Tools and features

Dotloop enables realtors, brokers, and teams to access and use various tools and features. Some of these are:

Easy transaction monitoring

As a real estate agent, team leader, or broker, you can access visibility to the processes your business is undertaking via the software’s reliable inbuilt reporting and apt notifications on current updates regarding transactions.


Dotloop’s messenger allows sharing, editing and eSigning of documents using text. It is convenient for all because the conversation between different parties is simplified and made faster. Agents also enjoy the ability to export conversations while using messenger. It is a great alternative in case other channels of communication, for example email, become problematic.

Task templates

These aid team leaders, agents, and brokers to use customized to-do lists which they can tailor to meet their needs and preferences. The templates and lists promote compliance and aid in achieving faster transactions. These also enable them to stay organized and monitor scheduled tasks assigned to teams.

Tagging and tracking lead sources

Dotloop allows for easy tagging of transactions, which informs you what channels generate high leads, and therefore you can make an informed decision when allocating budgets.

Submit for review

You can generate customized workflows that inform the correct people when a deal is complete so they review it. This establishes compliance.

Document templates

Brokers, team leads and agents are able to import document templates that are part of the transaction or create customized templates using already available keyed in details which saves on time.


Dotloop offers free trial and afterwards a requirement of $29 per month for each agent-using premium. Teams, brokers, contact Dotloop for customized prices.


  • It eliminates extensive paperwork present in the traditional method of real estate transactions
  • Real estate agents can complete the first 10 transactions free
  • Agents get to build experiences with clients who can refer them to future clients


  • Tiresome to add fields and assigning them to each person
  • Does not save your work as you review the document

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Transaction Management
  2. Mobile App
  3. Document Management

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Communication Tools
  2. Opportunity Tracking
  3. Contact Management
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